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May 16, 2018 at 12:09 PM

BPC Ownership + Consolidation Monitor (Base configuration)


Hi everybody,

I'm trying to set up the real time consolidation using BPC 10.1 on S/4HANA with an embedded BW.

The RTC Model is created, as are both Infocubes. (Ownership and the Consolidation Cube)

Also the mapping between the attributes and Dimensions within the BPC Webclient is done.

Furthermore i have configured the businesspartners accordingly, so that right now i also have some records within the ACDOCA which can be used for consolidation.

What i am trying to do now is to run the consolidation from the BPC Webclient. However when i try to click on the Consolidation monitor, I get the error message "Member does not exists in dimension /ERP/RGROUP. Also i am not able to change the fiscal year/ period within the filter. It stays at 0002011 unable to be changed. Category and RTC Groupt with ENTITY however can be changed. But the error message stays the same.

What i tried to do is to enter some masterdata for /ERP/RGROUP which should fit the selection but i also does not work.

In addition to that i have a second problem when trying to access the ownership manager.

This time the error message i get is "Failed to get ownership data".

Unfortunately I cannot find any further documentation concerning this matter.

Do you have an idea what might be wrong with my configuration?

Thanks in advance