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[FEEDBACK] Tag not available: SAP Business One SDK

May 16 at 06:31 AM


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Questions pertaining to the use of the SAP Business One SDK can no longer be tagged with the tag "SAP Business One SDK". This is however the tag that all the SDK experts know and follow.

Apparently you should now use the tag "SAP Business One Extensibility". Problem is, no one has heard of this tag, so the relevant experts do not know it exists and/or do not follow it.

I am sure there was a perfectly good business politically correct reason for depricating the tag, with the common sense name, that everyone knew and was using, and replace it with a tag that makes no sense.

So would it be possible for SAP to solve this problem by either (in this order of preferability):

  1. reversing this poor decision
  2. by merging the SDK and Extensibility tags
  3. by mapping the SDK tag to the Extensibility tag
  4. specifically informing users of this poor decision by message or email.

If the idea was to reduce the number of tags, maybe it will help to instead delete / depricate and/or merge unknown and mostly useless tags like:

  • "SAP Business One, version for HANA"
  • "SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA" (because, why have only one tag for HANA?)
  • "SAP Business One Cloud"
  • "the intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One" (seriously, does anyone ever search by this tag?)

because any questions that SAP would like users to tag with these tags, are already tagged with the normal "SAP Business One" tag.

I cannot help but think that the development of the new SCN is so slow, because all SAP's resources are being spent on solving problems that they first created themselves.

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I would ask Peter Hartwich to help explain the reasons for why we created the SAP Business One Extensibility to replace the SDK tag.

I can say that we plan to merge the SDK content into the Extensibility topic when we transition to the new community topic structure, but unfortunately we couldn't do it at the time the Extensibility tag was created.


Allright, if the SDK tag is going to disappear entirely, and be replaced by Extensibility, then maybe it is not such a terribly poor decision.

Will there be a redirect of links with the SDK tag?

Johan Hakkesteegt

Yes. You can test this even now by changing the primary tag on a piece of content and checking the URL.

When we move to a new experience, essentially all the content will be "moved" in some sense, because the structure is new. Even content that has the primary tag SAP Business One will need to go to the SAP Business One topic area, and I can imagine the URL structure might be slightly different. And in some cases, like this one, you might have a tag that moves to something totally different.

(You can see from another discussion that I had been retagging some content in advance of any new topic structure being release, just to get a head start. But the point is that when we do make a switch, we'll want to map some of the wrongly-tagged content to proper homes. So a lot of content will move.)

No matter how "far" a piece of content moves, we'll make sure the path to a piece of content isn't broken. But worth me following up on what, if anything, happens to URLs of individual pieces of content in the new structure.

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Maria Trinidad MARTINEZ GEA
May 30 at 05:52 AM

Please check the following blog for details on the changes:


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Thank you, Trinidad.

In this blog the change was also announced before, the content has since been updated after the changes were made. Indeed it is a pity if this announcement was not seen by everyone, unfortunately we have no perfect channels to communicate such changes to all community users.

Best, Peter

Peter Hartwich

I was one of the lost sheeps that has been wondering how come the SAP business One SDK has been silent the past couple of months.
And only found this by accident.
If there was an announcement, I surely had missed it somehow.
A static announcement on the SDK itself would be nice



Hi Trinidad,

It is rather presumptuous to set your own answer as 'Best answer' on another's question. I have seen other SAP employees do the same, and I must say it devalues any information provided, as it makes it seem that SAP is sweeping feedback under the rug that they don't like.

Also, it isn't much of an answer.




Dear Johan, I think there is a misunderstanding here. You had created a 'dummy' answer (which is now deleted?)

to close this question, that's a good and pragmatic approach. After that Trinidad had added her comment (thanks for that!) further, which was then converted into an answer by us - with the aim to show the readers this hopefully helpful information in the best possible way, instead of the dummy answer. This is a completely legitimate and transparent action in the sense of our users, trying to show directly the best info to our readers.

Just to clarify, no factual feedback is swept away here, except if it should violate the community guidelines.

Thanks for your collaboration, Peter


"...which was then converted into an answer by us..."

and set to be the answer by you, and locked somehow, so that if a better answer were to come along, I, the author, can not choose the better answer, nor in that case award reputation where it is due.

Be the merits what they may, it is still a rather bullish way to operate.

The system was designed such that a good answer can be upvoted, which will move it higher up on the page. A comment can be liked to indicate its value. You (SAP employee, moderator, or whatever), just like all other users, can, and in my opinion should, use this mechanism instead of hijacking the post.


Johan apologize, I think to continue a discussion in this way is not effective. I will contact you directly, then we certainly can exchange better, I’m sure we both pursue the same goal here. Incidentally, the question must have been closed by you (when accepting your dummy answer yourself) and is not locked by any means, otherwise you could not write here anymore. I can only refuse the charge that SAP sweeps feedback, which in no way corresponds to the facts.

Thanks, Peter


Hi Peter,

As I said, to me it makes it seem like that. It is simply a matter pf perception. I am sure that it is not actually the case.

I see no point in further discussing this matter. I see your point, and if a similar situation arises in future, I hope you'll consider mine.