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Nov 25, 2008 at 01:27 PM

When I define a variable in BO it automatically turns it into a detail


i have made a user prompt in my report

so the user can input a value that does not exist in universe so i can use it as condition or a filter,

i have done this by using the followiing condition in the query

object = object


object = ToPrompt("Give number")

As you can see by the logic this condition will ALWAYS be true because object = object is always true. So this logic will not impact the rest of the query it will just allow to enter any value in the user prompt

in the report when i try to create a new variable

=ToNumber(UserResponse ("Query 1 with NEW_UNIV" , "Give number"))

it automatically turns it into a detail and i cant change it to measure or dimension.

is there a way to fix this

thanks in advance