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Historical Data for Journal Entries

Good Day Everyone

I have a SAP By Design client who wants to add Journal Entry Historical Data int the Tenant that happened before the migration date , i know i can set he migration date for earlier date but here are the cases i have thought of and the problems that may Occur , if the Original Migration date is 1st of June 2018 , and the Historical data is from 1t of May to the 31th of May 2018 and we have set he Migration posting date to 1st of May so the system enables us to upload the historical data

1- Upload Historical data that will-by default- affect the GL Balances then upload the migration sheets for GL and Subledgers , but in this case the GL balances will be duplicated because of the prior postings from the historical data , then some GL balances that have movements from the historical data excel upload won't be write

2- Upload the Historical Data , then minus the balances resulted from this process from the GL balances to be migrated , but in this case the system won't accept the data entered due to difference between GL and Subledgers

3- Migrate all data in 1st of May then upload all ( none subledger relevant ) GL historical posts then migrate only the rest of the GL using migration tools ( But the client won't be able to keep al the historical data in this case, he can only keep the non subledger journal entries historical data

4- Perform the migration normally on 1st f May for all data then upload the non Subledger relevant entries then perform the subledger entries through business processes manually until 31st of May 2018

and in all the above scinarios , is it possible to post entries then have the migration data later on ?

Please Help me to know if there's any possible way to solve this in Sap Business Bydesign

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