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SAP Project Stock(Q-Stock/Hard Allocation of Stock) PR Deletion

May 16 at 07:26 PM


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Hi Experts,

I want to map Project stock scenario for hard allocation of my project material.

Material A some time I buy this as normal stock item by creating reservation from Project Item Category L. and then MRP Run planned this material and procure it.

The same Material A some time we buy as Project Stock (Item Category L & Special Stock indicator as 'Q' and its all valuated Project Stock).

Process: Project Business User created Project Stock (Firmed PR*+ Reservation) from PS module. and MRP Controller checked for this Material I have lot of Stock Available so instead of buying this material against the Project Stock PR , he issued the material on Project by MVT 412Q . Now The Stock is Hard allocated that particular Project. and user also consumed the stock by doing Goods Issue against the reservation created.

Issue: After doing Transfer via 412 Q and Goods Issue against reservation the Firmed PR* is still showing in the system and there is no way I can delete it.

What I want if I have enough stock available I want to transfer the material to the Project via 412 Q and I want a hard Project reservation to consume it and once this Reservation consumed the Firmed PR must be deleted automatically in the system because the demand is already full filled from the available stock

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Jürgen L May 16 at 09:39 PM

That's a wish but not going to happen. you cannot fulfill a PR with a goods issue to a reservation. You have to make a human decision, actually you made but you missed to record it. The decision was that you instructed someone to use the available stock instead of procuring it. And missed activity is deleting the PR. If it was not firmed then the next MRP run could have deleted the PR. So you might want to rethink if you really want to create firmed PRs.

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Hi Jurgen,

These Firmed PRs are not from MRP its all generated from Project System module. When we mark any stock item as item category L and with Special Stock indicator "Q" system create 2 documents 1) Firmed PR and 2) Hard Allocated Project Stock Reservation.

My issue is that if I moved my normal stock via movement type 412(Q) I am able to full fill the reservation demand however; the Firmed PR generated from Project system module still appearing as procurement element.


I already said what you missed. It is a human decision not to use the PR, so it must be deleted, this is not going to happen from a 412Q movement.