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May 16, 2018 at 02:24 PM

How to add text with parameters in UI5 application


Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to save header text in billing documents through a fiori application. We achieved this by creating a custom view and and calling the standard view viewName="".

the input for screen looked like this

This functionality is also used in standard fiori "manage billing document" app ( technical name SD_CUSINV_MANS1). Until this part it's working fine.

Now we have a new requirement, in which we have to give a few parameters like fiscal year and period as input parameters. and the expected output should be a combination of fixed text and parameters on screen. Just like we have in case of messages with placeholder variables.

The expected screen will have this screen in addition to the above screen.

Can you please tell us how we can achieve this.

Best Regards

Amit Bhatt


a1.png (36.1 kB)
a2.png (15.0 kB)