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Add alert in BIPST for Memory in APS and other servers that reserve memory

Ideally this is done once in initial sizing when determining splits for your APS, but I've found that I've had to modify the xmx parm in the command line of some of my APS's serveral times when working through support on incidents or other issues.

It would be helpful if it added up all of the memory reserved in the xmx parameters in all command lines of the servers (APS, plus Lumira, AJS, etc), and compare that to total memory on the server. It should probably include a buffer for OS RAM utilization, and an additional buffer on that.

This would have saved me a few times.

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    Nov 15, 2016 at 05:33 PM

    Hi Brian,

    Please ignore the moderator's comment. You're in the right place. When the SCN communities switched over to the new structure, we lost a lot of functionality which is impacting how we support the "BI Support Tool". The biggest feature is the lack of email notifications when a post is made in a certain area (IE using a tag name). In an attempt to work through some of these shortcomings, we're asking our users to tag all posts with 'bipst' so we have a means of finding your questions and enhancement requests. Plus this helps keep all questions & enhancement requests in the same searchable area for others to find.

    In regards to your enhancement request, there already is a System Alert built into the BI Support Tool which does this. Although in version 2.0 and below, you wouldn't know this unless it was a triggered alert. In v2.1 (should be available after the new year), we've made the System Alerts more visible by giving them their own space in the UI as well as giving you the ability to enable or disable each one. Here's the specifics on the alert you were asking about and how its defined in v2.0.

    Alert Name: "Total Max Heap Size exceeds Physical Memory"

    Alert target name: "static.javaservers.HeapSizeCheck"

    Alert description text: "This alert triggers if the total max heap size (-xmx) of all java based BI servers running on a particular host exceeds the total physical memory on that host. This alert will only calculate servers that are in a running status and will not calculate xmx for any Web Application server running on the same host. Please consult the BI4.x APS Best Practices guide ( for information on how best to split and size the APS. For other server types, see the BI4.x Sizing Guide ( or visit:"

    Alert Message: In the alert message is a breakdown of how much total heap was found for the APS, Explorer, Dashboard and CR4E services combined. And then a subtotal for each.

    These 4 server types (APS, Explorer, Dashboard and CR4E) should make up all java servers in BI with one exception... The AJS isn't java but it has the ability under certain conditions to spawn a java.exe child process. This was not factored into the equation.

    I'm not sure why the alert wasn't triggered for you, or if maybe you missed it within the System Alerts section. But my guess is the total xmx didn't EXCEED the total ram which meant the alert wasn't triggered. I'd love to hear your ideas on how to improve the alert. Feel free to contact me via email: or simply respond to the post and i'll do my best to respond.



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  • Nov 04, 2016 at 02:00 PM

    if this is an enhancement request for the BIPST - you should add it to the BIPST home page, not in Questions and Answers.

    As is - you can see all your Xmx's for all APS in server comparison and easily calculate memory foot print vs available RAM.
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  • Nov 10, 2016 at 10:39 PM

    I just followed the instructions on the home page of BIPST on how to submit an enhancement request and this is where it brought me. Perhaps you should re-review the instructions as I apparently can't follow them good enough?

    Yes, I understand the detail is in all of the output of the landscape, but this request is for an alert...

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