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SDK Grid CommonSetting XML Methods

I need to apply complicated formatting on a large Grid on one of my forms, using the default SDK methods, the formatting takes ages and sadly, formatting above 50 rows just creates unacceptable lag. (I think I tried most of the possible tweaks to improve performance, I only apply the formatting that is absolutely necessary and even than, I first apply the Row formatting than format individual cells only If necessary - but everything goes to the bin, when the user deletes one of the rows from the first half and I need to format everything below it again).

I wonder if there is any update about the documentation of the GetAsXML and UpdateFromXML methods on the Grid.CommonSetting object.

Previous unanswered questions:

Edit.: I tried obvious queries (first guess was XPath, so "//*", then "" and "*", maybe "/"), but all returned errors for me.

XML - Cannot load from string  [66000-36]

Edit2: I even downloaded the whole 9.3 PL03 installation package just to install the SDK and grab the "newer" help files, but it contains the 9.2PL03 DI and UI help files (not even updated?) and only the DB reference is updated to 9.3... :(

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    Posted on Aug 07, 2018 at 09:34 AM

    Finally, they fixed it in 9.3 PL05 (the help file says 9.2 but it is from the 9.3pl05 installer!). The updated docs:

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