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Check table in a field catalog

May 14 at 09:01 PM


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Hello everyone,

I have created an editable Alv but i need some input checks in it.

Can i somehow add a check table for the right values in my fieldcatalog?

If it is possible could you provide some examples?

Best Regards,


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1 Answer

Mohamed Niyas. R May 15 at 05:10 AM

0Hi Mikhail Gudkov,

YES, You can use Check-table options in the Field-Catalog.

*Sample Logic: 


If you are going with Oops ALV then you can refer this Program Name: BCALV_EDIT_04,

if you use Check-table and give incorrect i/p then it will throw a Dump.

so they used FIELDCAT-CHECKTABLE = '!'.

(this avoids check table check, if required you can refer to that program)

Hope this helped you.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello Niyas,

Thank you for a response, I want to ask you one more thing.

For example, the valid entry for the field vkorg would be '*' or entries from table TVKO.

So when I use your example



How do i add '*' as an exception.

Best Regards,



Also, I am having an error saying data object wa_fieldcat doesnt have a component called CHECKTABLE.

I idintified fieldcatalog as data: wa_fieldcat type slis_fieldcat_alv.

What could be wrong?


Hi Mikhail Gudkov,

Goto SE11, Type Group : SLIS

then, search for table word (around line number 366), just double click on the structure dfies, in that you will find the component called CHECKTABLE.

and also delcare the wa_fieldcat_slis as type slis_seldis1_alv

Hope this helped you.

Thanks & Regards