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May 14, 2018 at 02:07 PM

Schedule Lines result in BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE <> SCLines in Dialog



I need to use the BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE in order to get the availabilty stock per item in result.

In my example, I have 304 items on stock. I want to place an order for 1000 items. Through VA01, I got 2 schedule lines with confirmed quantity, first with 304 in confirmed quantity for required date and a second one with 696 after the replenishment lead time.

I got a different results through BAPI, I got 2 schedule lines but first with 0 in confirmed quantity and the second one with the total qty 1000 confirmed.

No partial delivery is taken into account

Lines in BAPI

DelDate Req_Quan Conf_Quan

14.05.2018 1000 0

22.05.2018 0 1000

Lines in VA01

DelDate Req_Quan Conf_Quan

14.05.2018 1000 304

22.05.2018 0 696

I used the same Sales area for both.

In OVZJ, the default parameter are : Fixed date and qty ='X'

Avail. check rule = ' '

Import parameters in BAPI



"ITM_NUMBER": "000010",

"PO_ITM_NO": "10",

"REQ_DATE": "20180514",

"MATERIAL": "000000000017010005",

"REQ_QTY": "0000001000000",



Does anybody has an idea which parameter is missing, so I get two confirmed quantities?