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May 14, 2018 at 01:54 PM

access uaa REST API / assign uaa.admin to an user


heee there,

in our current project we want to get user information (like firstname, email,...) out of the uaa and show/edit it in our app. According to the cloudfoundry uaa API reference ( this can be done by calling the uaa resource /Users.

In the first step I got myself an OAuth 2.0 token with my HANA user account to attach it to every request. With this token I was able to call /uaa-security/userinfo to get my own user info. But if I call /Users I'll get the following error:

{ "error": "insufficient_scope", "error_description": "Insufficient scope for this resource", "scope": "uaa.admin zones.uaa.admin" }

My question is: how and where can I add an user with this privilege or add this role to an existing user?

Thank you in advanced.