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30016 as Streaming Server port?

Nov 04, 2016 at 01:13 PM


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I had made a mistake of specifying my SDS port as 30016 earlier but later changed it to 30026 as advised. Now my streaming projects seem to be working correctly via the SYSTEM ID.

But when I move over to the HANA Admin "Landscape" tab, I can see that my streaming server has been configured on 30016! ( As shown in the image below)

I am a little confused how my streaming projects connect to 30026 port and run automagically. Am I missing something here?

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Robert Waywell
Nov 07, 2016 at 02:16 PM

Port 3XX16 is used for internal communications between the streamingserver and other HANA processes. Port 3XX26 is the port used for external connections to the streaming server including connections from HANA Studio.

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Thank you, Robert. That helped.

Kishore Chillamcherla May 03 at 02:25 PM

Hi Robert

I know its old blog, but i didn;t find any other latest blog with respect to my current issue, I did installed HANA Express edition HXE 2.0 SPS 03, but the the streaming server is got installed on 39049 port <90> is instance, i was expecting to tobe installed on 39016 as you said., is there any we can update the port once it is installed ,

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Hi Kishore,

Can you post this as a new question and provide a screenshot or other info to show what you are seeing?

The 3XX16 3XX26 ports shouldn't change with an HXE install so I need more detail in order to understand what you are running into.


Yijeng Liu
May 04 at 05:43 PM

Mine is running on port 39040. I install on Google cloud. I am unable to connect to port 39026 at all for the streaming server service.

I checked the Google cloud firewall setting, port 39026 is in the setting but it was not open. Only port 39040, 39041, 39046,39047 are open.

39040.jpg (15.8 kB)
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This page in the docs explains how the internal ports (equivalent to 3XX16 in older releases) are assigned when the streaming service is provisioned to a tenant database in an MDC configuration, which is the only configuration as of SPS02/03.

I'm still trying to track down the documentation page that explains how the external ports (equivalent to 3XX26 in older releases) are assigned.


A complete list of the mapping of default ports to tentants in an MDC install, is available in the HANA 2.0 SPS03 New Features documentation:

We will get that information added in the Provisioning section going forward.


Thank you Yijeng and Robert for the update.

Yes i do see with HANA 2 . SPS 03 i see it the default port got updated to 39040 for streamingserver service and you do no need to initialized it separately, its being initialized as part of the installation.

still we can change the SWS, WSP and other ports from HANA options via HANA cockpit.


Kishore Chillamcherla