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Former Member
May 16, 2018 at 02:13 PM

EWM: 2 step picking with LOSC after withdrawn


Dear all,

I'm facing an issue with the 2 step picking process integrated with a LOSC; the required scenario is the following one:

1) Several Deliveries are grouped into the same wave

2) The wave is released for the withdrawn (WHPT 2020), and the tasks have destination storage type 2010, storage bin 2step

3) Tasks are picked into picking HU's

3)Inside the same storage bin, there is a work center, where picking HU's are consolidated into shipping HU's

4)After the creation of SHU's, the wave get released (tasks with WHPT 2010 are created)

5)While the tasks are confirmed using RF, the LOSC process is activated, and the SHU's are moved not towards 9020, but towards an intermediate storage type, and another task for the same HU's is created (with status B) towards 9020 storage type.

Now, everything is working well, except for a problem at point 4: if you repack products from the original pick HU into a new SHU created into the Work Center inside 2010, only the products not moved into new SHU's, have task that get LOSC. The other ones have task that are direct to storage type 9020.

Could anybody help me?

best regards