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SAP DS (BODS) : Dynamic Job execution (Concurrently) in SAP Data services


We have a requirement to execute 1000 jobs(Data_Extract_Job) at different interval of time (Over a weeks time).

We have designed a Batch job (Scheduler_Job - Parent job), which acts as a scheduler for Data_Extract_Job (Child Job) within DS, which would pick up fixed set of customers (say 10 at a time) based on certain conditions.

We want to know how do we achieve invocation of job concurrently, with Data_Extract_Job being dynamically invoked.

I shall explain our scenario in detail with example:

1) Consider we have 1000 customers meta data store in DS_REPO. For Example: Customer_ID = customer1, customer2,....customer1000 in DS_REPO

2) We have Data_Extract_Job (Child job) in SAP DS, which would extract data for each customer. Each job execution would take in customer_ID as input parameter and extracts data.

3) We have designed a Batch job (Scheduler_Job - Parent job), which acts as a scheduler for Data_Extract_Job within DS. This job picks 10 customers at a time and then invokes Data_Extract_Job, passing customer_ID as input parameter.

We would like to know how do we achieve this requirement in SAP DS. We have following couple of rules:

Rule 1) Scheduler should be dynamic : We do NOT want to create execution files for each customer and store it locally, i.e. 1000 .bat files in our case and use exec( passing the .bat file name for each customer) Can the exec() be dynamic and take customer ID and invoke Data_Extract_Job OR is there any other way?

Rule 2) Jobs should be executed concurrently : We noticed exec() is sequentially within a job. i.e. When exec() is encountered, the parent job waits until the child job is completed. Can we achieve concurrency here?

Hope i was clear with our problem statement, Any suggestion on how to achieve our requirement is welcome.



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