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Nov 22, 2008 at 08:35 AM

how to hide a column in alv grid output?


Hi experts,

I am displaying an alv grid containing 24 columns.

My functionality is: the 3rd column should be in such a way that it should be hided if the user doesnt want to see it.

Can I do it as:

1. Placing a push button on the top of the alv grid so that if the user when clicks on it , the 3 rd column

gets hidden.

Can you please suggest me how to do that?

and also I have another question..

q) In the same alv grid output there is a column by name" group account" which displays the account numbers . They start with a series such as 37002001 ,37002002................another series such as 38001000..38001001...etc..

My functional req is that I should total the account numbers belonging to the same series ( eg here: 37002001+ 37002002 ..etc) and display it before the next series(38001000..38001001) starts..

this total should also be displayed in the same column( group account)..

Can anyone please suggest how to do this?

<<text removed>>.

Thanks a lot in advance..

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