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Problem creating large QR in smartform

May 15 at 10:49 AM


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Hi experts,

I've been searching through the forum but I didn't find anything that solves my issue..The user needs to print a QR code in the back of the delivery's smartform (VL0xN). This QR code must contains some data of all the positions in the delivery, so it can be very big. SAP only allows 255 characters. so the QR code is wrong generated. I splitted my string into different token (255 characters each) and then, in the text element I did like this:


I sabe and activate the smartform but then I go to chect the text and it appears as follows:


And when I print the delivery, there are 3 QR Code instead of 1.

Has anybody faced the same problem?



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Rajkumar Narasimman May 15 at 11:11 AM

Hi Maria,

Instead of writing the text element inside smartform directly, create standard text S010 and save the below values. Call the standard text from smartform using Include Text.


Refer the below thread.


Rajkumar Narasimman

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Thanks a lot Rajkumar!!! it works !!!! I haven't found the post you sent me !!