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Nov 22, 2008 at 05:07 AM

case design challenge - sync/async?


Hi experts,

I'm participating in a huge project with a lot of business cases and I have a design challenge that I have to find the best solution for.

My client uses Documentum system to store documents; all it does is to receive real documents with their attributes to use as meta-data and return a number for successfully stored documents. So all I have to do is to send a message that contains document attributes with the document itself as a attachment with a web service.

I'm supposed to integrate Documentum with SAP systems and Proxy-XI-SOAP will be used in this scenario.

The challange is, the attached documents will be of 1 - 10 MB size. The interface was proposed to be a synchronous interface, so as the user chooses the document to upload and enter its attributes and click send from SAP, he will wait until the document is uploaded to Documentum and a number is sent back from documentum to SAP as a response message.

I don't think a synchronous interface should be used in this case because the user will have to wait until the document is uploaded online and errors might occur if response message does not return successfully. An async interface that will upload it in background seems like a more convenient way. But if I use asynchronous interface to upload the document, I will need another asynchronous interface that is to be triggered from Documentum to send back the document number.

AND for to the devil in the details, I need to be able to trace for which uploaded documents I received a document number, so these two interfaces needs to be technically related somehow. A simple BPM with only send/receive steps can do the job, but I would like to hear your opinios. What options are available for requirements like this, what is the best option to follow?

Thank you for your input.