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Nov 21, 2008 at 05:39 PM

ALV OO and Edit issue


I've been working with ALV OO for sometime, and this morning I've been researching and testing a number attempts to resolve an edit issue.

I have 2 columns as shown here that represent aging in days

From        To
0	30
31	60
61	90
91	120
121	150
151	180
181	360
361	9999999

Within in my editing, I must verify that the To value from the previous row is 1 less then the From value of the current row.

I can edit a single row and provide error messages in the popup error list. I know to get value etc.

However in this instance, I simply can't find an example of comparing values in two or more rows.

I set a break point in my handle_data_changed method and had wanted to just edit the table as it is shown in the grid with a loop/endloop, but the original table does not show the changes at the break point, leaving with the knowledge that my alv table is contained within the object.

Anyone have example code or a place I can visit to review this? Please don't simply give me a list of all the ALV links you have in some list. I have the list and have viewed all the ones that looked like they may have a solution.

Thanks in advance.