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Nov 21, 2008 at 05:26 PM

Condition to print 0.000 for a Null Value


I have a column on a report that prints a letter for one condition, a number value for another condition and I want it to print 0.000 when the third condition applies. The report is not printing 0.000 when applicable. It is just blank.

Here's my formula for the column. There are no errors, but the 0.000 won't print. I have bolded the line of the condition that doesn't work.

Can someone show me what I'm doing wrong?


If isnull ({TRACKING_FILE.f7070#price_lock_exp_date}) then "F"


If not isnull ({TRACKING_FILE.f7070#price_lock_exp_date}) and ({TRACKING_FILE.Orig_Points} + {TRACKING_FILE.Disc_Points}) > 0 then

ToText ({TRACKING_FILE.Orig_Points} + {TRACKING_FILE.Disc_Points})


If not isnull ({TRACKING_FILE.f7070#price_lock_exp_date}) and ({TRACKING_FILE.Orig_Points} = 0) and ({TRACKING_FILE.Disc_Points} = 0) then "0.000"