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Nov 21, 2008 at 01:26 PM

Hi Expert ;


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Hi Expert ;

I have a problem i see seleceted fi document( with all items ) .

i use fb03 transaction for fi document's items.

i have data in alv.

i do control hkont area for vendors or customers .

this code sructure is not available . beceuse

my customer number 1201000000

if my customer number change ,

my prg wrong work .

Now my question . how ı understand which is customer which is vendor ?

LOOP AT gt_cust.

READ TABLE l_bldf WITH KEY saknr = gt_cust-hkont.

MOVE l_bldf-TXT20 to gt_cust-TXT20 .

MODIFY gt_cust.

IF gt_cust-hkont = '1201000000'.

READ TABLE l_cust WITH KEY kunnr = gt_cust-kunnr.

MOVE : gt_cust-kunnr to gt_cust-hkont ,

l_cust-name1 to gt_cust-TXT20 .

MODIFY gt_cust.


READ TABLE l_bel WITH KEY belnr = gt_cust-belnr.

MOVE l_bel-waers to gt_cust-waers.

MODIFY gt_cust.


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