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Nov 21, 2008 at 12:55 PM

Archiving production orders


Hello experts,

We are archiving old production orders by using archiving object PP_ORDER. It archives data from many different tables, such as from CO tables COSB, COSP and COSS. Now we would need to know (for BI load purposes), which object types* are deleted/archived from these tables. Definetely object type OR is deleted/archived, but what about object types NV (network activities) and PR (WBS element)** for example?

So, the problem in a nutshell is to confirm if entries, which have the object type NV (Network activities) or PR (WBS Element) might be archived from COSB, COSP or COSS by the archiving objects PP_ORDER?

*As object type the first 2 digits of the object number (objnr) in the tables COSB, COSP and COSS are taken.

**Projects in general are not archived (i.e. the archiving object PS_PROJECT is not used). But Iu2019m not sure if the costs posted on network activities or wbs elements can be somehow linked to PP_ORDER, and thus, be archived when these archiving objects are archived.

Best Regards, JV