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Nov 21, 2008 at 12:16 PM

Default association of Package with new Objects - BI 7 and ECC 6.


I need a help, I believe that you from Application Server forum may have the answer (I posted originally at BI forum, but got no helpfull reply).

I'm working in two systems, one is BI 7 and the other is ECC 6.

When I create and save a new object in BI, for example an InfoObject, it's automatically associated with the $TMP Package. So, it doesn't ask me any Request (that's OK).

When I create and save a new object in ECC, for example a table view, it asks me to wich Package the object must be associated with. According to the kind of Package I indicate (for example a Package beginning with Y or Z), it asks me a Request (that's OK too).

My question:

Can anyone explain where to configure this behavior? I mean, if new objects are automatically associated with a certain Package or if the user should inform the Package.

Thanks in advance.