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Reading of STXL table via SQL

There seems to be a general requirement to be able to read STXL CLUSTD values using SQL, so that text can be returned to views, functions and stored procedures, but from my reading of answers around this issue on the Internet so far, I've found no solution. I write SQL over SAP HANA for CDS views which require text data as part of their output. The only solution seems to be to drag the output back through ABAP and apply function module READ_TEXT to add in the missing text component. This is hardly an ideal solution when the text is needed for a Crystal Report for example. What is SAP's solution going to be for this problem, is a native SQL function going to be provided that can convert the LRAW data type to an SQL Memo type field that is readable in SQL? I am new to SAP but it seems inconceivable that basic text would be stored in a non-SQL-viewable format. I would really appreciate knowing if SAP are working on a native SQL function to convert this, or what solution they are proposing, and when this is likely to arrive?

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