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Nov 21, 2008 at 07:12 AM

evDRE vs evGET - DRE pulls wrong data


BPC 5.1 SP3

I added one calculated member to the second hierarchy of a two-hierarchy user-defined dimension. The H2 formula is this:


F_3RDNETSALES and F_3RDGROSSPFT are parent levels. My calculated FuncAccount member is the only member in the dimension with a formula.

Here's the issue:

When I do an any-by-any with months and year in the columns, correct values are returned for each period of my calc member. However, a similar DRE shows zeros in the months and a (correct) amount in the year.

Both the any-by-any and DRE work correctly if I change the member's formula to:


Any ideas why the DRE is not returning all the data?