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Interest and financial charges

May 15 at 09:05 AM


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A query on interest and financial charges, which should include:

-Provision and external services.

-Year-on-year comparison of the previous year

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1 Answer

Abdul Mannan May 15 at 09:22 AM


Explain how you are handling Interest in SAP B1

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It is done :) I made this query

select T0.[AcctCode] as 'Nº da Conta', T0.[AcctName]as 'Nome da conta', T0.[CurrTotal] as 'Saldo da conta', convert(varchar, T1.[RefDate], 105)as'Data de lançamento' , T1.[ContraAct] as 'Conta de contrapartida', T2.[Number] as 'Nº do Diário', T1.[BaseRef] as 'Nº Origem', T1.[Ref1] AS 'Referência' ,T2.[Memo] as 'Descrição', T2.[LocTotal] as 'Total da origem' from OACT T0 INNER JOIN JDT1 T1 On T0.Acctcode = T1.Account LEFT JOIN OJDT T2 ON T1.BaseRef=t2.BaseRef where AcctCode LIKE '691%' or ACCtcode LIKE '6228%' order by T1.[RefDate]