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Former Member
Nov 21, 2008 at 03:58 AM

Opening SOH field should be filled from last month Closing SOH


Hi All,

I have a requirement to build a report where i have Closing SOH $ and Opening SOH columns.

Closing SOH field is store as a KEyfigure in Cube and we can use this directly in the query. But we dont have any Keyfigure in cube for Opening SOH field.

Opening SOH is always last months Closing SOH value.


Month | Closing SOH | Opening SOH |

01.2008| 10000 | 0

02.2008 | 8000 | 10000

03.2008 | 5000 | 8000

04.2008 | 6000 | 5000

I want the report out put should be same as above. I only have FISCPER on Rows and KF's on Columns section.

Anyone have any ideas how can i populated values for Opening SOH field.

Anyhelp will be appreciated.