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Nov 21, 2008 at 03:55 AM



Hi friends

my scenario is as follows please suggest me a solution .we are purchasing plates (big up to 100 square meter (10x10 sq meter) .we may receive 100 plates of same material number at a time.the stores department gives a identification number when doing the grn.when we issue the material to the production department, they use some material and send the rest of the material back .again he may take and again send back .this may continue for some time as the plate is very big.every plate is identified by a any point the inventory manager should be able to get the status of the plate if he enters the number (not material number) .he does that with the help of the plate number .if he receives 100 plates they identify the plates with 100 numbers or some coding though the material is same. how can we manage this.another issue is while receiving from vendor, issuing to production dept,taking material back ,checking stock they shuld use 2 uom s ie kgs and numbers.the store manager enters the number(not materail number (in excel) and knows the stock in kgs,numbers,and they even want the dimensions.

hope i am clear. kindly suggest me a solution.

thanks n regards

rn......... SAP MM