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Create a Delivery without reference for Subcontract

May 15 at 03:36 AM


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We have a Subcontract process, the scenario is we will send the components Mat-X to the Jobworker. But we don't know the FG material (We may get the FG Mat- A or B or C) which we get from the jobworker.

So, we will send the Components Mat-X to the Jobworker, after jobwork is done vendor will inform which they got in manufacturing. We will create a PO for that FG material with components and do the GRN.

We can send the ROH materials through MIGO - TR - 541. But client wants the OBD, Shipping & Warehouse picking. So we have to create a OBD - W/O Ref. VL01NO.

Which doing PGI I'm getting the error - Enter a vendor for special stock O Message no. M7071.

I have also checked the following threads but didn't find the solution.




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Jürgen L May 15 at 09:47 AM

Such process is not supported

See the prerequisites that are listed in KBA 2538036 - VL02N PGI error M7 071 ("Please enter a vendor for special stock O")

As a workaround you could create a delivery in VL01NO with an item category that does not require a goods issue, this way you should be able to produce papers. Then do the movement to the subcontractor with MIGO

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Thank you for the suggestion. I have gone through the note, Subcontract OBD is not possible w/o reference.

Actually, I have 2 scenarios. For 1 vendor I will send the SFG material with HU managed if I transfer this material in MIGO - 541, then delivery NO. creates. I can take the printouts and proforma invoice.

But for ROH material only I'm facing the issue where I cannot create a delivery in MIGO - 541 or in ME2ON.

Sudheer Koduri

You have to explain this last sentence in more detail "I cannot create a delivery in MIGO"

because in your original post you said: "We can send the ROH materials through MIGO - TR - 541."

If this has to do with my reply to you then I have nowhere said you should create a delivery in MIGO, it was just said you shall use MIGO to do a 541, the delivery is created from VL01NO


delivery.jpg As I said in my original post, I can post ROH in MIGO-TrP - 541. Once doc. is posted stock will be in Vendor stock and here there is no OBD, Shippment & WH picking. This functionalities i'm missing incase of ROH. So, looking for alternative solution.

I have another idea, In MIGO - A02.Return delivery - R02.wrt Mat Doc - Create Delivery option is available. Can I use this option for MIGO - Trp - 541.

delivery.jpg (53.5 kB)
Sudheer Koduri

test it, I don't believe it will work as it also does not fullfill the prerequisites that are mentioned in the note.