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Nov 20, 2008 at 05:39 PM

How to get SAP memory and ABAP memory data using function module


Hi All,

I want to extarct data regarding ABAP memory and SAP memory using function module.

Scenario :

I am trying to create customer using transaction FD01.I am calling a BDC for transaction FD01 using ZPROGRAM .After executing ZPROGRAM, parmeter id KUN has the value of the current customer created.I can use that by using set parameter command.

My Issue :

When i execute the the zprogram in two different session at same time and go in the Menu

click on Sap Memory option i see two different values against KUN parameter id .

Steps of how i am trying to create a customer

1) I Execute ZPROGRAM and Put customer 101 (Session 1)

2) Before saving customer 101 i go in Session 2 and execute the same ZPROGRAM and Put customer 102.

Then i go in session 1 and try to save the customer but the issue is that i KUN parameter id i get the value customer 2.

For example customer 101 and 102.

In sap memory it is how as G 102

and L 101.

What does G and L mean.

My requirement is to trap the value 101 .

Currently set parameter id gives me value 102.

So when i execute ZPROGRAM is there any function modules which will list all the SAP memory And ABAP memory values at the time the zprogram is executed .

Thanks & regards,