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Nov 20, 2008 at 03:37 PM

settlement of pp orders


Hi all,

during the monthly closing activities we normally use the transactions

- CO43 (overheads)

- KKAO (wip)

- KKS1 (variances)

- CO88 (settlement)

All these transactions are for collective processing of all pp orders of one or more plants under the setting of the controlling area and the respective period.

Another possibility is the single settlement via the transactions

- KGI2 (overheads)

- KKAX (wip)

- KKS2 (variances)

- KO88 (settlement)

Does anybody know a possibility to do all these transactions for more than one pp order but not for all pp orders of the plant(s)?

Unfortunately it is not possible to put in more than one pp order number in the single transactions...

Thanx for any answer in advance & regards