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Nov 20, 2008 at 02:52 PM

Removing a Cluster



I have four machines which are clustered together. The environment is quite unstable at the moment and there is no need for this cluster. I would like all four machines to be stand alone, but have found that making changes to any machine is quite risky as all of the machines are affect - naturally as they are clustered. Any advice on how to safely remove the four machines from this cluster? I can see the four notes when logging into any of the Central Management Console and also the Server Intelligent Agent has reference to the other machines under the Startup Tab Remote CMS connections.

I have machine1 - 4. One of the machines is XI 3.1 and the others are XI 3.0

It is in a Windows environment with MYSQL120 for the repository.

It is my understanding that I would need to stop the MYSQL120 service and then log in to the CMS and delete the nodes for the other servers, would this be required on all four machines?

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