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Nov 20, 2008 at 02:03 PM

Getting user specific data


Dear All,

how can I obtain the information for a determined user ?.

Is there a Function Module or any other way ?

*Account data*

BBP_ACCNO            Sequential Account Assignment No. in EBP Purchase Document
CO_AREA                  Controlling Area
PRCTR                      Profit Center

*User's Orgdata*

BBP_PROG_ORG_RESP_ID	   Responsible Organizational Unit (purchasing) Object ID
BBP_PROC_ORG_ID	CHAR	   Responsible Purchasing Organization Object ID
BBP_PROC_GROUP_ID               Responsible Purchasing Group Object ID

*User's Partner data*

PARTNER_ID                             Business Partner Number
CRMT_PARTNER_NO                Partner Number


COMT_CATEGORY_GUID           Category GUID
BBP_LOGSYS_FI                       Logical System of FI System
WERKS                                      Plant
EKGRP                                      Purchasing group
EKORG                                      Purchasing organization
BUKRS                                      Company Code
BE_DOC_TYPE                          Purchase Requisition Document Type
BBSRT                                       Purchase Requisition Document Type
BBP_UNLOAD_PT                      Unloading Point in Backend

Hopefully can somebody help me on this topic .


sas erdem