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Nov 20, 2008 at 12:31 PM

Reclassification with Posting Level=30 but Consolidation Group empty


Hello Guys,

I have created 2 alternative consolidation hierarchies for:

- Consolidation processing purposes (hierarchy based on Entities, 1 node per parent entity),

- Reporting purposes (hierarchy based on Location, 1 node per Country).

I want to determine the consolidation group dynamically all along the process depending on the hierarchy I am selecting.

I manage to apply this logic except for the last step of my Consolidation process which Reclassify data with posting Level 30. I want to record these posting at the entity level but the Consolidation Group is stored in my Total Table meaning that I cannot display these data selecting the Location based hierarchy.

I am having this conceptual problem with EC-CS but I know that the same logic apply into SEM BCS, does anyone of you could help me finding a solution?

Is there a way to post documents with PLEVL=30 but with RCONGR empty?

Thank you in advance for your help