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Virtual provider Based on HANA Calculation View- Performance Issue

Nov 04, 2016 at 10:57 AM


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Hello Gurus,

We are on SAP BW7.4 SP11 -

HANA Version SPS10

As part of HANA optimization POC activity we are trying an approach as below in order to reduce the DB size consumed by the Infocubes.

AS-IS Scenario: Data source --> DSO--> Standard Info cube-->MP-->Query

POC for HANA Optimization PLAN--> DSO (Active Data Table)-->Calculation View--> Virtual Infocube based on HANA Calculation view-->MP--> Query

We have implemented the Logic between the DSO and Standard Infocube into the calculation view in order to leverage the Benefits of HANA Calculation Engine. We built this Calculation view as a Graphical Model.

After Building the New flow based on Virtual provider we observed that the performance is not Optimal when we compare with the AS-IS scenario.

For your information, We have millions of records in the Active data table of the DSO which we consumed in the Calculation view.

Our Idea is to delete the Infocube Data once the new data flow is successful so that we can reduce the DB size consumed by this Huge Infocube.

If we check the statistics: For the Same selections:

HANA Calculation View - Taking ~ 20Sec for 200 Records and 75 Columns

VIrtual provider based on Above Calculation View- ~ 5 Minutes for 200 Records and 75 Columns

Please share your thoughts and expertise to Highlight some performance factors or throw some light on our approach as we expect an increase in the performance with this approach

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