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May 14, 2018 at 05:30 AM

Issues connecting Analysis for Office to HANA Calculation Views with Input Parameters

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Hi Folks,

I am having difficulties making Analysis for Office work correctly when connecting to HANA Calculation Views which use Input Parameters or Variables.

I define an Input Parameter, with reference to an existing column:

A restricted key figure column is defined with reference to the input parameter:

When using Data Preview in HANA Studio, the prompt appears with appropriate Value Help, reading from the column it is referencing.

and the results of Data Preview behave as expected:

Now over in Analysis for Office, the prompt does appear, but I get no Value Help appearing. (Note: This is true even when the Input Parameter type is set to 'List' and I hard code appropriate values in the IP definition.)

And when continuing, if I simply type in a value and continue, I get 'No applicable data':

Alternately, if I type in a value into the search box of the prompt, I can get individual values to appear. If I select these using the radio button, instead I get a different error:

in some other attempted implementations, results will appear but any calculations using the input parameter will simply be ignored as if the value is not passed to the back end.

I have also tried this with Variables instead of Input Parameters - they are just ignored completely and do not even activate the Analysis for Office Prompt.

So can anybody point out if I am missing a step or approaching this incorrectly? It seems like this should be a quite straightforward exercise but I am at a loss to explain where the problem is.

Kind Regards,



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