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Issues connecting Analysis for Office to HANA Calculation Views with Input Parameters

Hi Folks,

I am having difficulties making Analysis for Office work correctly when connecting to HANA Calculation Views which use Input Parameters or Variables.

I define an Input Parameter, with reference to an existing column:

A restricted key figure column is defined with reference to the input parameter:

When using Data Preview in HANA Studio, the prompt appears with appropriate Value Help, reading from the column it is referencing.

and the results of Data Preview behave as expected:

Now over in Analysis for Office, the prompt does appear, but I get no Value Help appearing. (Note: This is true even when the Input Parameter type is set to 'List' and I hard code appropriate values in the IP definition.)

And when continuing, if I simply type in a value and continue, I get 'No applicable data':

Alternately, if I type in a value into the search box of the prompt, I can get individual values to appear. If I select these using the radio button, instead I get a different error:

in some other attempted implementations, results will appear but any calculations using the input parameter will simply be ignored as if the value is not passed to the back end.

I have also tried this with Variables instead of Input Parameters - they are just ignored completely and do not even activate the Analysis for Office Prompt.

So can anybody point out if I am missing a step or approaching this incorrectly? It seems like this should be a quite straightforward exercise but I am at a loss to explain where the problem is.

Kind Regards,


ip-definition.jpg (60.9 kB)
prompt.jpg (65.5 kB)
data-preview.jpg (48.0 kB)
afo-prompt.jpg (26.8 kB)
afo-results.jpg (46.5 kB)
afo-error.jpg (41.7 kB)
afo-error.jpg (41.7 kB)
error-message.jpg (40.9 kB)
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1 Answer

  • May 14, 2018 at 12:47 PM

    Hi Elliott, I am not using HANA but I found some SAP notes that may apply:

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    • Thanks Tammy as always for the swift response.

      Unfortunately those notes don't seem to apply here. Merge Variables doesn't come into it because I'm not attempting to do any merge (although it is disappointing that you can't merge when connecting directly to HANA Views. Boo!), and I believe parameter mapping is only relevant for variables, whereas my issues are primarily happening with Input Parameters.
      The example above uses Input Parameters with type Column, where I explicitly maintain a mapping for Value Help to a column in the View. This works as expected in the Studio, just not when talking to AfO for some bizarre reason.