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Nov 20, 2008 at 10:25 AM

Extended notifications link


Dear Expert,

I also have a question regarding to the Extended notifications link.

My customer want to use the Extended notifications link with subscription parameter email as HTML, one msg per category and including HTTP link to open SBWP in SAPGUI for windows.

The problem is, that if saplogon is configured with group/server selection instead of an ordinary user specific application server entry, the link to the inbox received in the mail does not work. We get

an error: "Logon to SAP System faild. The system description '1. RPR [ERP Production system]' cannot be found in the system list. Make sure that saplogon.ini exists and choose an existing system description in the system list.

My customer has changed the parameter "logon_id" in trx. SWNADMIN so now the

field "System Description" is correct filled when he accept the error message - but still the link does not end up in the small logon window.

Could you provide some suggestion?

Many thanks,

Perry Song