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Nov 20, 2008 at 10:09 AM

Ways to handle large volume data (file size = 60MB) in PI 7.0 file to file



In a file to file scenario (flat file to xml file), the flat file is getting picked up by FCC and then send to XI. In xi its performing message mapping and then XSL transformation in a sequence.

The scenario is working fine for small files (size upto 5MB) but when the input flat file size is more then 60 MB, then XI is showing lots of problem like (1) JCo call error or (2) some times even XI is stoped and we have to strat it manually again to function properly.

Please suggest some way to handle large volume (file size upto 60MB) in PI 7.0 file to file scenario.

Best Regards,

Madan Agrawal.