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May 12, 2018 at 08:55 PM

QP01 LSMW Quantitative MIC Uploading Problem


Dear Expert,

I have created QP01-Inspection plan LSMW direct method step by step as mentioned in below threads and it really works fine for me for the Header and operation level.But at characteristics level where I am having multiple quantitative MIC's,LSMW is only updating the 1st line item of MIC i.e char no 10.The lsmw is not able to call the 2nd line item of MIC i.e char no 20 automatically even after pressing enter button so many times.Whereas in multiple qualitative MIC line items i.e char no 10 & 20 its working fine.

Kindly share your views for the same.Thanks in advance.


Swapnil Rajane