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Nov 20, 2008 at 09:09 AM

XSD - How to map self-referring elements


Hi All,

In my scenario, target strcuture is an xsd.

This xsd has few elements with sub-elements of the same type as parent.

For better undersanding, here is the hierarchy.

Process Order has Phases to be executed.Each phase has Phase Operations, each Phase Operation has Materials needed to coplete phase operation.

So, the hierarchy in xsd is thus

Phase > Phase Operation > Material.

All these elements are of the same complex type.Phase Operation is child element of Phase ; Material is child element of Phase Operation.

In Graphical Mapping, the xsd structure seen has following problem. For phase, I am able to see the sub-elements, but for Phase Operation element, it has a black triangle on top and I don't see the sub-elements under it.

How do I map the Phase Operation sub-elements?

I cannot changed the xsd as it is B2MML standard xsd.