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Nov 20, 2008 at 07:47 AM

Restrictions for web services: What about java.util.Locale?


We have some problems with the restrictions for WS endpoints.

Using SAPNW Developer Studio to create a web service including the virtual interface from a stateful session bean, we are not allowed to use usual types like java.util.Locale or java.util.Properties although they are serializable.

Restrictions are decribed in the SAPNW DS Help (see below). But we do not understand, why Locale is excluded?

"The following types are not allowed anywhere in the endpoint of a Web service:

· Remote objects (EJBs)

· Classes extending into another class and implementing an interface

· Hashed table-like types

· Classes/objects that cannot be serialized"

So what is the preferred solution for this issue?

Is there a way to use the serializable java.util.Locale type in a WS endpoint, or do we have to use its String representation?

What is the preferred solution for hash-table types like Properties? And what about Interface types like Map?

Maybe we just do not find the decisive documentation link?

Thanks a lot,