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Former Member
Nov 20, 2008 at 06:27 AM

Migration of Workbook Strategy


Hi All,

I have several workbooks which has quite a number VBA/VB codings in complexity, I understand that once if this workbook is migrated there is a high probablity that these workbook might not function in BI 7.0 Analyzer and this could lead to a cost rebuild.

I wonder could I use the in SAP Business Explorer (SAP BW 3.x), in another word. Start Menu ---> Programs ---> Business Explorer -

> Choose SAP BW 3.x -

> Analyzer (SAP BW 3.x).

Will this be a solution in my case ? In another word upgraded to BI 7.0 but executing it in 3.x, my strategy is to preserved the workbook containing VBA/VB codings from being changed .

Please advise