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F110-Multiple Credit to One Time Vendor having different Bank Accounts

Nov 04, 2016 at 10:05 AM


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We have to pay compensation payment to farmers towards damages of crop during work.

we get payment list from executing site and paid by us. We post document using Excel File Upload facility. Accounting entry is like

Expenditure Account Dr. 100

To Bank (Outgoing)A/c Cr. 10

To Bank (Outgoing) A/c Cr. 20

To Bank (Outgoing) A/c Cr. 40

To Bank (Outgoing) A/c Cr. 30

Here we use "TEXT" field to fill payee details. Payment made by manual system ( no DME)

by this way we facing problem at processing Budget Report, is not capturing Profit Center against payment (Cr. entry)

so, we change accounting entry like below.

Expenditure Account Dr. 100

To One Time Vendor A/c Cr. 10

To One Time Vendor A/c Cr. 20

To One Time Vendor A/c Cr. 40

To One Time Vendor A/c Cr. 30

by this way Budget Report Problem Solved but, when we Use F110 to post payment voucher having multiple credits in Single Document , One Time Vendor's Bank Details (Payee's acct no) remain same for all Credit entries if we uploaded excel file,

but same time if we use F-43 for same entries it show different bank A/c details for each OTV credit line.

Please help to resolve this issue so we can use F110 for Bulk posting & use DME to pay in bulk.

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2 Answers

Michael YERNAUX Nov 04, 2016 at 10:21 AM

Hi Manoj,

If you are using 'one time' vendors, you should be entering bank details in the FI posting line item i.e. being able to enter different bank details for each One time vendor item.. I suggest to simulate first manually your posting and adjust the .xls upload pgm if required.



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Thanks Michael,

In .xls file every FI posting Line Items has different bank account details, but still payee accounts column is F110/proposal displaying single bank accounting details pertains to first line item.

If its is posted manually, it capture correct details, but no through xls upload. it is possible to post manual document if i have 100 or 200 payments.


Hi Manoj

You need to get your upload program checked. There is no issue with SAP Program, but your upload program, which is a custom object which seems to have an issue, which needs to be checked by an ABAPER


Sanil Bhandari

Sanil Bhandari Nov 08, 2016 at 05:03 AM


You should be able to enter the bank details as well in when you are booking the expenditure and creating a liability. If the farmers in your case will have regular transactions, you may want to create a regular vendor for all the farmers with Bank Account details updated as well. After that if you run F110, the beneficiary details will have individual bank accounts as well.

Check with your paying bank on what file format they will accept and you can always create a DMEE File as per the format accepted by the paying bank. I do not see any issue in there


Sanil Bhandari

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Vendor are not regular and it is not possible to create 1000s of vendor for One time payment.

Actually the problem occur due to Document Serial No. Here in Excel We put Document Serial No is 1 for all line items, it means, it create only one document. if there is only one document then header also same, bank accounting details also same for all line items even we gave different bank accounts details for each line items.

this issue is for with only Excel Upload, not in F-43 with One Time Vendor, (every Cr. entry asking bank details and displaying same in F110 seperatly)


So Sir please have your custom excel upload program checked. There is absolutely no issue with the SAP Product functionality. You need to make sure that you are able to key in Different bank account details for every vendor line item in the excel sheet and the same is replicated through the program in SAP. You need to sit together with an ABAP Colleague and check it out. I would suggest test it together


Sanil Bhandari