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May 11, 2018 at 08:49 AM

BO 4.2 SP05 install error screenshot + licence



On one of our development environments ( 2 node cluster), updated bo from 4.0 SP08 to 4.2 SP05.

Got attached screenshot on first node when running the update process on the first node - error/warning log mentioned couldn't start the CMS ( cms was running at start of this).


This looks to be due to fact that 4.0 and 4.2 different licence key and once 4.2 update ran on a node, cannot start cms on that node with 4.0 licence key.

Update shows as having been installed in control panel/add programs and looks to be working o.k/ - new features were showing in CMC after this ( could log into CMC using node 2 which was still at 4.0 SP08 as licence keys were 4.0)

Have a couple of questions

1) I assume fact listed in control panel/programs that it has fully installed as cms and servers now running on this node with updated 4.2 licence key and error just relates to this.

Is this the case?

I assume it bo cannot install update at all doesn't get registered in control panel/add remove programs

2) Wonder as to whether removing licence keys entirely before running any future update, then update then update licence key afterwards would remove such errors or would this remove ability to login to CMC entirely if no licence keys?