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May 11, 2018 at 08:24 AM

Trigger Chain Select Prompt/Modify Script Prompt

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Hi all

Just a QUICK question:

Is it possible to either in a Trigger Chain Select Prompt - in a UJD_TEST_PACKAGE - put in the Answer Prompt box something to look at a property of a dimension (for example Category) instead of the member OR in the Data Manager Package in the Modify Script Prompt section?

For example, we have a property in CATEGORY that we place an "X" next to the category that we want our packages to run on. And if that X moves (sometimes twice a week) and we are NOT looking at the X in the script itself, which there are a few (example the standard Copy, Clear etc), we have to change our Answer Prompt in the Process Chain every time.

And we have about 180 scripts that runs where we have to update the Answer Prompt.

Is it possible?

And IF it is possible, a bonus would be if we could use formulas like TMVL also in there maybe?

Thanks for your help