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Nov 19, 2008 at 10:42 PM

Default position 99999999 not defaulting upon separation


Hello everyone

We are having a recent problem with default position 99999999 not defaulting to IT0000 properly when running a separation action. It had been working properly until recently, and we had no transports affecting this functionality. Now, when running the separation action IT0000 is keeping the employee's former position number. The HR processor did not change the value to 99999999 so we could troubleshoot the situation. In OM, in the relationship overview, the holder relationship is still showing end date of 12/31/9999, but the visual structure shows the validity period of that relationship correctly end-dated based on the separation action.

PLOGI-PRELI is set to 99999999

I am not sure where to check to find the trouble.

Thank you!

Rebecca Allen