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Nov 19, 2008 at 07:00 PM

Problems in modifying Vendor address in SRM PO



We are on SRM_SEVER 550, SP11, ECS Scenario.

We have a requirement wherein specific fields in the vendor address of the SRM PO should be modified by custom fields from the SRM SC. The reason for this is that Vendor master is not upto date and the fax number or email id may incorrect in the Vendor master.

We have created custom fields for Telephone number, Fax number and Email id in the SRM SC. These can be modified by the Requester/approvers.

This modified data should overwrite the vendor address in the SRM PO and this new data should be considered for Output of the PO. For ex: If Vendor master has fax number 12345 and the SC custom field is changed to 67890, then when the SC is converted to PO, the fax number should be selected from the SC custom field and not from Vendor master.

We are able to create the custom field in SC header and also change it. We are mapping these fields to the standard Vendor address fields in SRM PO using BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI, BBP_PO_CHANGE in structure BBP_PDS_PARTNER fields - TEL1_NUMBR, FAX_NUMBER, E_MAIL.

But when the PO is created, this change doesnt happen and the vendor address still shows data from Vendor master.

Can someone let us know what could be wrong in our approach?

Thanks & Regards,