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Problem with some scheduled report post upgrade from BI 4.2 SP3 to SP5

May 14 at 09:43 AM


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Post upgrade to BI 4.2 SP5 from SP3, some scheduled reports are now failing.

I get the following error:

Object failed to run due to insufficient security privileges.

How do I get this working again?

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2 Answers

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Ayman Salem May 14 at 10:17 AM

you need to assign rights to a user for scheduling objects to different destinations


see 2621878 - [How to] Control the Destinations options in the Scheduling menu of BI Launchpad in BI 4.2 SP05, and onwards

  • In Business Intelligence Platform Support Package 4 and earlier, there were no rights to assign Individual Rights for Each Scheduling Destination.
    There was only one right 'Schedule to destinations' for all destinations.
  • Starting BI 4.2 SP05, you can assign rights to a user for scheduling objects to different destinations like FTP, SMTP, SFTP, File System, and BI Inbox.


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Do I need to do this for every scheduled report???

How can I change this for every report at once?


No, you give the users / groups the right to schedule for which Destination


Could you talk me through this, starting with the CMC turning on?

I can't see where you can do this to entire groups?


just follow the above note


To achieve this,

  1. Login to Central Management Server (CMC).
  2. Navigate to a Folder / Report >> Right-Click >> UserSecurity.
  3. Add Principal >> Select the User / User Group >> Add and Assign Security >> Advanced >> Add / Remove Rights.
  4. Under General >> Deny / Grant the permissions on desired destination options:....

I understand this, I just need to be able to turn scheduling on for all folders for all user groups.

Can I apply this to 'All Folders' and group 'Everyone' once and it will apply the ability to schedule to all subfolders regardless of whether or not a user has access to the subfolder or do I need to go through every folder and apply this access to schedule differently for every user/group?

There are 30 user groups alone and many more folders, I just want it to be assigned as it was pre-upgrade to SP5, this will take many many many hours of work otherwise :(

Bharath B N
May 14 at 11:38 AM

You can apply this steps for "All Folders" and "Everyone".

But recommendation is to perform this for specific userGroups than "Everyone". Because in future if you create any user by default part of "Everyone".

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Can I do this by Usergroup instead of by Folders?

Because the various usergroups all have access to different folders?

If so how do I do it by usergroup?


I meant to do it even in folder level to specific user groups than "Everyone" .

you can also try : CMC->User and User Groups -> Right Click and select User Security -> Add Principal