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Former Member
Nov 19, 2008 at 06:06 PM

GP Task Status still showing "New" and stay in UWL after task completed


Hi, SDN Fellow.

I am currently display Guide Procedure tasks in UWL.

One thing I found out is that when I have "Complete" the GP task, even the GP Process is completed, the GP tasks still stay in the UWL, and the status is

still showing "New". The completed GP tasks will stay there even I have logged in and out many times.They would only disappeared if I go to the UWL Admin -->

then clear the item cache.

Unlike UWL, the GP tasks in GP Runtime Center will move to "Completed Tasks" table after I processed teh task, of course, it will not be seen in the "Open

Tasks" table.

I did not do any custom configuration on the GP Connection configuration XML file. But I was assumming that when SAP provide the GuideProcedureConnector, the

"Status" column in the GuideProcedure view should reflects the actual status of the GP tasks.

In this case, do I have to add additional Action tag in gp configuration xml in UWL Admin to "complete" the task? Or what I need to do to let the completed

GP tasks changed the status from "New" to "In Progress" or "Completed", like how it is behaving in GP RUntime Center?

Thanks for advise,