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Nov 19, 2008 at 05:42 PM

SWF takes longer to load under Xcelsius 2008 Engage


My project has been successfully recreated from scratch in Xcelsius Enage 2008. The only architectural differences between the two are:

  • Before: Various areas of my project were organized to appear on top of background objects.

  • Now: These areas are now organized into Panel Containers.

  • Before: I devised a kind of tab like functionality using a Label based menu with backgrounds and lots of dynamic visibility.

  • Now: Tab Set.

  • Before: Spreadsheet was saved as XLS before importing.

  • Now: Same spreadsheet, but it's now kept in XLSX before importing. (Xcelsius still seems to do a conversion to XLS because I see the Compatibility Checker appear).

  • Before: Under Xcelsius 4.5 Pro my SWF loaded in less than ten seconds

  • Now: Under 2008 my SWF loads in forty-five seconds.

Yesterday, the load time was at thirty seconds and I assumed my extensive use of VLOOKUPs (just under 500 rows) was related, even though they were used in 4.5 Pro as well. Then I added twelve groups of objects each containing a Background, a Toggle Button and a Panel containing a Text Label. This action alone seemed to increase my SWF load time even further from 30 to 45 seconds.

I plan to start replacing VLOOKUP with INDEX and MATCH today, but wanted to post this issue now and hopefully get some feedback before I get too far down that path. For instance, do certain objects such as Tab Sets and Panel Containers tend to increase the load time?