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Nov 19, 2008 at 02:35 PM

Subreport height


Hello, I am using Crtstal Reports ver. 8.5. Many of my reports use subreports simply to calculate extra information & put them into variables to bring back into the main report. Therefore all groups in the subreport are supressed.My problem is that in the main report, the subreport's height(right clicked on the subreport,"object size and position") is always a minimum of 0.040. Any height lower than 0.040 dos not get saved with the report. Therefore when users run the report, they get extra blank lines which is the subreport's line.I can manually reduce the height of these subreports & then print for the user eliminating the blank line that the subreport gives but Crystal does not save the new height. This is very frustrating as more & more reports now have subreports. The users do not have the capability to manually modify the height of the subreports as we only have 1 Crystal Reports license. Is thare any option anywhere in Crystal that would allow me to change the minimum height of a subreport or allow me to save the height change that is less than 0.040.

Thank you